Luxury 5ive Beach House Hotel Big Sale 990B/night+ABF+Free Unlimited Wi-Fi 24/7 ต.หนองปรือ อ.บางละมุง จ.ชลบุรี

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Luxury 5ive Beach House Hotel Big Sale 990B/night+ABF+Free Unlimited Wi-Fi 24/7 ต.หนองปรือ อ.บางละมุง จ.ชลบุรี


Luxury 5ive Beach House Hotel Big Sale 990B/night+ABF+Free Unlimited Wi-Fi 24/7
Or choose Complimentary delicious Thai breakfast: choose from 30 dishes

Longstay Available
For Monthly Stay:
1zwz Starting from 9,600 Baht/month rental zwzContract 3 months up
2zwz Free laundry and ironing of your clothing up to 20 pieces a monthzwz
3zwz Free full housekeeping room cleaning & change linen two times/weekzwz
4zwz Free water usage
5zwz Electricity is charged based on your usage at 6 Baht/unitzwz
6zwz full luxury modern designer kitchen provide for an unique stay
7zwz Free unlimited secure Wi-Fi speed 4MBzwz 24 hrszwz Everydayzwz

A: Monthly rental price
B: Room & Hotel Facilities

5iVE is the First and The Coolest Beach House style in Pattaya
Special Promotion Room type: Deluxe 5F suite: 990 Baht/night

1zwz If you are looking for a Special, Private, COOL, Comfortable, Luxurious, Contemporary, Clean, Fresh, Unique and Exclusive stay in Pattaya
2zwz 5iVE has the first beach house styled suites on offerzwz
3zwz The Beach House style of holidaying is one of latest trends and popular for famous beaches around the worldzwz

They are 5 luxury suites:
1zwz Appointed with breath takingly beautiful handmade rattan and wood fittings that showcase Thai culture and style to create a relaxed, clam and fresh atmospherezwz
2zwz Private terrace with romantic views of the sunrises off the beachzwz
Close tozwzzwzzwzzwz
1zwz Located on Jomtien beach, with 1 min walk to the seazwz
2zwz Minimart (1 min walk)
3zwz Pattaya Floating market (3 min Drive)
4zwz Lotus, Home works, Big C shopping centre and so many other shopping centres (6 min drive)
5zwz The Elephant Village in Pattaya (8 min drive)
6zwz Local transport a 2 min walk away : Chom Thian Sai 1
7zwz Many Local seafood restaurants (2 min walk)

Amenities and Services:
1zwz A Big Screen SAMSUNG HD LCD TV 40”
2zwz Satellite TV including over 200 Channels and programs from around the worldzwz
3zwz Philips High-End Audio and DVD player that you can play your favourite songs and watch your favourite movieszwz
4zwz Free unlimited surfing Wi-Fi speed 4 MB 24 hrszwz That you can chat, work, see movies online on the HD LCD TV 40” Convenient and comfortable like homezwz
5zwz Private and Clean Air conditioning
6zwz Philip Hair dryer
7zwz Toshiba refrigerator
8zwz Toshiba water heaters
9zwz Laundry and dry cleaning
10zwz Safe deposit box
11zwz Security key card access
12zwz CCTV 24 hrs for your security
13zwz Car hire service
14zwz iPod Docket
15zwz Full luxury modern kitchen ,Franke Electric stove; 2 heads , built in Franke Range hood
16zwz Modern Designer Toaster, Coffee machine
17zwz Philips High -End Audio full 5zwz1 Chanel & DVD Player, To enjoy music and watch movie with high quality picture and soundzwz
In Room:
# Living Area:1
# Dining Area:1
# Bathrooms: 1, Luxury modern bathroom with separate dry and wet zoneszwz
# Mini Bar: 1
# Bed: 1
# Luxury modern kitchen : 1
# Private Terrace (Romantic and Beautiful Sea-view)

5iVE Beach House Hotel
Address: 79/88 Moo 1zwz Jomtien Beach, Najomtien, Sattahip, Pattaya,
Chonburi 20250, Thailand
Special Promotion - Expires 30 November 2010
Room type: Deluxe 5F suite: 990 Baht/night
5iVE Beach House Hotel also have longstay term availablezwz
5iVE Beach House Hotel

Contact: Khun Ji

Contact Email:
OUR WEBSITE : wwwzwzrinresidencezwzcom


ราคา 990 บาท รีสอร์ท ขนาด 150

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